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When it comes to home vaporizers, things are more straightforward than with portable vaporizers. While there is heavy competition among producers of portable vaporizers there is one company who’s been ruling the home vaporizer market for years now, Storz & Bickel. In 2000 this German manufacturer set the standard with the Volcano. The name of this vaporizer, which indeed has the characteristic form of a volcano, has become the best-known name in the world of vaporizers. The Volcano works with a unique and patented system that fills balloons with vapor through a valve. From these balloons, the cooled vapor is inhaled by the user, apart from the device.

An advantage of home vaporizers is that they are often very robustly designed, especially Storz & Bickel's products. A product like the Volcano may ask for a certain financial investment, rest assured that these types of devices will bring you many years of happy use. Also, a home vaporizer is often sitting on a table or is stored in a closet, which greatly reduces the risk of damage, caused by falling for instance. Furthermore, home vaporizers are more suitable for use when you are with a bigger group of people. A disadvantage is that there is always a plug on a home vaporizer, so you can only use it near a wall outlet. If you want more freedom with your vaporizer, choose a portable variant.

Each home vaporizer has its unique features. Per product you will find a more detailed explanation here in the description. For example, our most chosen home vaporizer, the Volcano classic, has a nice analog knob that lets you choose your preferred temperature for vaping. The other variant, the Volcano Digit, features a large display that shows both the current temperature and the set temperature. Finally, you will find a list of all the accessories and extras your product comes with under the header "What's in the box?"

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