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Pen vaporizers are portable vaporizers in the form of a pen. Apart from the shape, there is no real difference between a pen vaporizer and a "normal" portable vaporizer. Like other portable vaporizers, pen vaporizers have a rechargeable battery that lets you use them everywhere and anytime. In addition to this, the pen shape gives your vaporizer a less noticeable and more discrete look. At first glance these type of vaporizers will look like an e-cigarette to most people, which makes them more suitable for use in public places.

Among our selection of pen vaporizers you will find various budget options, such as the Flowermate Aura and the Focusvape, with both options costing less than hundred euros. The price of the H2OFLO Elite from Flytlab is higher, but offers more features. Out of the box this vaporizer comes with two different attachments. The air chamber allows you to add extra air while you vape, while the water chamber filters your vapor by leading it through the water you added. Using the water chamber also results in a pleasantly cooled vapor.

Like other portable vaporizers, pen vaporizers each have specific features that make them unique. Each product has a more elaborate description in which you find more detailed information. Also, you will find the all the accessories and extras that your vaporizer comes with under the header "What's in the box?"

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