We offer various electronic payment options, most of which are location-based.
NB: We require a minimum order amount of 20 EU.


Paying with Bitcoin is fast, anonymous and safe. Bitcoin is also the cheapest way to make an electronic payment, especially compared to a bank (wire) transfer. Banks often charge high fees for making a transfer, by using Bitcoin these extra costs are avoided. Bitcoin is available worldwide.

Bank transfer

SEPA banktransfer is a payment method that is available in 34 European countries, including serveral non-EU countries. When completing your order, choose "SEPA bank transfer" as your payment method. You will then be redirected to Cardgate, which handles most our electronic payments. On this page you will find all the information you need to make the bank transfer. You will also receive this information via email automatically. Make the transfer via your bank. We will receive a notification as soon as your payment is received. Following that, your order will be shipped as soon as possible.


The most widely used online payment method in Germany.


The most widely used payment method in Belgium.


This payment method is available for customers from Germany and Austria.


The most widely used electronic payment method in the Netherlands, only available for customers with a Dutch bank account. When completing your order, select "iDeal" and follow the instructions.